Who Else Wants To Save Thousands of Tax Dollars?

From The Desk of Steven Spangenberg, Home Based Business Tax & Marketing Expert


imageAre you tired of getting lousy refunds & OVER paying your taxes?

Are you ready to capture EVERY deduction available to you?

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The day you signed your distributor/Independent Rep agreement, you opened the door to thousands of dollars of tax deductions EVERY year!

Up until now, there were several challenges people just like you faced:

  • This information was not readily accessible
  • This information was hard to understand
  • Even CPA’s and accountants did not specialize in  it!

This is NOT a problem anymore!

Over the past 35 years, I have been PERSONALLY involved in MLM, Network Marketing, and direct sales.

I have personally done over 10,000 home based business tax returns in my career.

Thousands of people are using my Income Tax Reduction Guide to lower their taxes every year.

But Steve, “What does that mean to me?”

That means, my friend, that you will soon have at your fingertips, a comprehensive guide to tapping into all of the deductions the BIG boys get! Just imagine this:

  1. Being able to write off up to ALL of your miles you drive each year!
  2. Being able to write off every meal out with friends, family, and others!
  3. Being able to have the government pay for your child’s education!
  4. And, much, Much, MORE!


Up until now, people just like you were at the mercy of their accountants, CPA’s , or even worse…Turbo Tax!

These people and softwares just could NOT relate to what happens in an MLM business.

I personally have done what you do! Every day!

This information has been sold all over the country for the past 10 years by me at the Six-figure business schools, national seminars, and private meetings for well over $500!

Now, you will get the opportunity to get your hands on this information and get as much as 10 times your investment back in the very FIRST year!

Here are some more of the awesome items you will learn in

“The Income Tax Reduction Guide”

  • What are deductions and how to MAXIMIZE them
  • How you can write off 100% of your Auto-Ship
  • How you can deduct your child’s braces
  • Why having a business plan is vital to taking tax deductions
  • And, much, Much, MORE

Isn’t it about TIME you take advantage of what is available to you?

Is it important to you to KEEP the money that you earn?

 At this time in history when the IRS is paying their tax delinquent

employees BONUSES, don’t you AT LEAST deserve to take legitimate deductions??


For most programs that you invest in, it takes years to see a return.

You can see a return on your money the very FIRST year!

There is one simple strategy that you can employ RIGHT AWAY, that will see your money come back within 3 months for most people!

On top of that, the cost of this program is TAX DEDUCTIBLE 100%!

Would you invest a mere $197 to get back up to $3,000 per year for the rest of the years you are in business? Easy right?

Remember, this program alone was selling for over $500 to thousands of people.

You can get your program NOW for

ONLY $97


WHAT? Saving up to $3,000 per year is not enough? ok ok – Check out these FREE bonuses!



Sponsoring At The Speed Of Light Using Tax Deductions

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Business Plan Template

Remember I said how critical a business plan was? Do you have one?

Well, you are not alone! This template will get you on your way AND COMPLIANT with the IRS!


12 Steps To Financial Freedom

Do you have a plan to become financially free?

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Now is the time to STEP UP and take what is YOURS!


The government doesn’t need your money – YOUR FAMILY DOES!

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Disclaimer: This is not intended to be legal advice. All tax situations are different and some deductions may not apply to you.